Cloud Hosted Smart Indoor Environmental Quality Control.

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Our technology measures:

Air Quality

Smart Air monitors VOC’s, CO2, Ozone, Oxygen, PM1,2.5,4,10 to assess the indoor air quality.


Efficiently identify instances of vaping or smoking across every area of a residence.


Smart Leak monitors pipework as means to detect if Tampering, Water, and Humidity is present.


Smart Mould uses Temperature and Humidity to calculate the risk of mould producing and its severity in terms of estimated days to mould.


Smart Audiovisual uses both Sound and Light to access if an environment is at an acceptable state.


Smart Occupancy monitors a residence’s environment, including temperature, humidity, light, and motion, to detect presence in specific areas, from parking spaces to classrooms.

Using parameters such as:







Humidity & Water

PM1, 2.5, 4, 10



Providing you with:

Realtime Notifications

Enables administrators to set up customised alerts via email and mobile push notifications. Configuration includes event type, device list, recipient list and day-time notification windows.


The M3 Wellbeing Dashboard provides a glance view of the most recent events, current sensor levels, even hot spots, air quality levels and system health status as well as two analytics tools. Heat maps and event trend graphs.

Live View Map

Enables users to view events detected by the sensors on an easy-to-use interactive map providing faster resource allocation and response times.

Logging & Reports

Download up to 3 months sensor and event data to satisfy, local health department, OSHA or any requesting authority. Reporting requirement to the board of education.


In addition to heat maps and event trend graphs M3 Wellbeing cloud analytics provides users the ability to overlay events and data from multiple sensors on a single graph offering greater insight into safety, security and air quality.

Maintenance & Support

M3 Wellbeing Support team have visibility into device status and the ability to remotely update device configuration and firmware version to have the latest and greatest updates made.

System Health Status

Provides system administrators with snapshot of device connection and status minimising downtime and lowering risk.


Utilisation of AWS certified and accredited computing environments and applications. Third party penetration tests performed annually.

Support your school or housing association with our wellbeing sensors

Enable staff to respond rapidly to vaping, environmental and safety events via realtime notifications.

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