Many properties constructed in the 1950s to 1970s were built using traditional materials, such as pre-cast Finlock Concrete Gutters. These types of gutters were a low cost option to finishing the construction without the need of additional materials, such as fascia boards, soffits and lintels. They were used to provide a maintenance-free guttering system, or so people thought.

Finlock Concrete Gutters haven’t exactly lived up to expectations. They were secured to the internal of the roofline as well as externally and over time have caused many problems, such as damp from leaks and heat loss where the roofline has been left unprotected.

After completing the first phase of Finlock Gutter replacements in Bletchley in 2012, FSG returned for the second phase in Wolverton. We updated ten semi-detached council properties in Bletchley and a further twelve in Wolverton. All Finlock Gutters were removed and replaced with uPVC systems consisting of fascia boards, soffits and guttering.

uPVC was chosen as a more up-to-date, cost-effective and durable material that helps to prevent weather damage to the property. It seemed like a simple project, but the concrete material was acting as a lintel to support the roof and windows. The team had to carefully remove the concrete and install new lintels to support the new uPVC fascia boards, soffits and guttering.

We needed to also ensure that removal of the concrete didn’t damage any privately owned homes connected next door. The team therefore designed and constructed an adaptor out of aluminium that linked the two different systems together.

FSG made every effort to work around vulnerable council tenants to limit disruption to their routine and ensure that they remained safe. We therefore put a schedule in place that required us to work on certain days throughout the week and installed additional health and safety measures.

Heavy snow affected installation of the new uPVC systems for a few days during the winter, but we managed to work around this setback. We delivered the programme on time and Milton Keynes Council asked us to update a further two properties that were not originally part of the programme.

Published On: October 22nd, 2021 / Categories: Guttering /

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